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About us

Laser Center is a recognized manufacturer and supplier of modern laser technologies. We offer a variety of cutting edge solutions for many purposes, such as engraving, cutting, marking and welding. Our products are successful among thousands of companies and are used all around the world every day by professionals working in various environments.

The quality of our equipment is highly appreciated by many well-known Russian and international companies including Bosch, Autovaz, Siemens, Legrand, Otis and others. Laser Center is always ready to meet the needs of its customers and has been considered the most reliable supplier of laser equipment since the year 2004.

The current selection of our products was developed to fulfill numerous demands of our customers, from standard engraving and marking to more specific tasks which require utmost precision. The systems are perfectly suitable even for designing medical instruments, large machinery and the tiniest mechanical components.

 Marking solutions:

Fiber and CO2 product lines feature high-speed marking systems for high quality engraving, marking and cutting. Metal, ceramics, glass and even more delicate materials such as plastic can be easily marked with text, instructions, 2nd codes, bar codes, logos and images. If the need arises, these products will be capable of fulfilling more complicated tasks including creation of press forms, stamps, cliches, 3Dengraving of letterpresses and colored engraving.

Laser Center is also the official distributor of Trotec laser engraving systems well known and appreciated in Europe. The company’s solutions are often used for marking stamps and seals, while the Speedy laser systems are considered to be perfect for engraving and cutting.

 Mechanical multi-pin marking solutions

Our company is the official distributor of Couth laser systems specifically developed for multi-pin marking.

Custom laser systems

Some tasks require special attention that can only be provided by custom made equipment. Thankfully, our engineers are able to alter standard systems to suit your needs. As a result the client will receive an efficient, carefully designed and cost-effective solution specifically made for a certain application.

Customer support and quality.

Our products are built at our own facility in Saint Petersburg, Russia. The manufacturing process is optimized to create both standard and custom systems of utmost quality: our engineers use only the best modern software, tools and instruments to ensure irreproachable service of all marking solutions.

Laser Center’s sales & distribution offices are situated in Moscow, Kazan and Yekaterinburg.
Every product is carefully tested on every stage of the manufacturing process. This unprecedented attention makes our laser systems highly reliable and safe to work with.
In order to provide the best service for all the customers our engineers are always ready to install your system on-site and properly prepare it for specific applications. Each specialist is qualified to his provide his assistance and to ensure the marking solution is fully set up for your project.
Laser Center will be there to help you and your team in making this crucial step and will provide its full support whenever you require it.




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Customers' reviews

- MiniMarker F-10 consumes very little power and is compact and reliable.

- MiniMarker 2 is optimal for engraving textual, digital and graphic information

- The Usage of MiniMarker 2 reduced labor content and shortened the cycle of produce manufacturing

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