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MiniMarker2 laser system is offered in different packaging depending on the application of the equipment. MiniMarker 2 can be a desk mounted unit or a built-in system with additional options, which broaden its capabilities. It could also be offered as a system with a portable marking unit (mobile system) for marking of bulky objects.

Desk mounted packaging consists of the following elements:
Standart laser marking system
  • 10 W fiber laser control and power unit (can be custom made with the power of 20 or 50 W) and 3 m of optic fiber,
  • Laser type – ytterbium impulse optic fiber laser (special ytterbium impulse optic fiber laser or ytterbium continuous wave laser can be custom made)
  • Marking head with a 100*100 mm lens
  • Protective visor for the operator
  • Working table with a marking head z-axis manual position adjustment bracket

We offer additional options, which broaden the capabilities of the standard equipment: interchangeable lenses, rotation and travel devices, vertical axis electric drive, protective systems, and portable movable tables.

Rotator device European safety standard cabin Z-axis electric drive Portal systems Portal systems for transfer laser marking


Portable manual marking system packaging:

Portable manual

  • marking unit,
  • power fiber laser and control unit,
  • 5 m optic fiber cable

Portable manual marking system packaging Portable manual marking system packaging Portable manual marking system packaging


The packaging also includes technical documentation, SinMark software distributive, 1,5 year warranty, express training.



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Customers' reviews

- MiniMarker F-10 consumes very little power and is compact and reliable.

- MiniMarker 2 is optimal for engraving textual, digital and graphic information

- The Usage of MiniMarker 2 reduced labor content and shortened the cycle of produce manufacturing

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