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Application > art laser engraving.

Miminarker 2 performs laser engraving on virtually any item of the so called company representing produce.

The usage of Minimarker 2 is effective for engraving company symbols and logos, commemorative inscriptions, decorative ornaments and even photos on items, made of metals, plastics and rubber.

Laser engraving of the souvenirs and gifts, marking of the company symbols and logos:



Engraving of the USB flesh-cards:


iPod and iPad laser engraving:


Engraving of the body and the keyboard of the laptop:


Key rings engraving:


Colored laser marking (colored engraving):


Engraving of commemorative, personalized and congratulatory inscriptions:


Decorative engraving of the jewelry:
Decorative laser engraving of the jewelry Decorative laser engraving of the jewelry Decorative laser engraving foto of the jewelry


Jewelry Laser Engraving:


Making of nameplates and stickers:




Application: laser engraving

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Customers' reviews

- MiniMarker F-10 consumes very little power and is compact and reliable.

- MiniMarker 2 is optimal for engraving textual, digital and graphic information

- The Usage of MiniMarker 2 reduced labor content and shortened the cycle of produce manufacturing

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News and events:

Come visit us at LASER World of Photonics 2017

Fiber Laser MiniMarker 2 in the Robert Bosch Saratov factory, included into the technological line for marking products.

Video: Laser engraving of the Olympic torch for Sochi 2014.

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