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Workspace 50х50 / 100х100 / 160х160 / 250х250 mm (interchangeable lenses)
Power consumption 220 W, 50 Hz, up to 700 Wt
Cooling: autonomous air cooling
Total dimensions and weight: power and control unit 470 х 450 х 320 mm, 25 kg
marking head with the holder and the table: 375 х 500 х 800 mm, 25 kg
Environmental requirements: temperature from +15 up to +35 degrees, relative humidity of 80% without the condensate
Operation: using the PC with the installed SinMark software package (Windows, USB interface)


Materials for marking:
Metals and alloys, colored and covered metal surfaces, rubber, plastic, semiconductors, foil with a “tesa laser” sticky layer and others.

Marking speed: 8 700 mm/s *


Laser emitter:
Laser type: ytterbium impulse optical fiber laser
Laser emission wave length: 1,06 µm
Average laser output power: 10 Wt 20 Wt 50 Wt
Maximum power in one laser impulse: 0,5 mJ 1,0 mJ  
Impulse frequency: adjustable from 20 to 100 kHz
Laser resource: over 30 000 hours


Scanning device *:
Type: 2 axial scanator based on G325Dt "GSI Lumonics" drive
ПFirmware resolution: 2,5 mkm *
Beam movement speed: adjustable, up to 8 700 mm/s *
Automatic filling line width: from 0.05 to 3 mm
* - The parameters are given for the unit with 100*100 mm lens, characteristics of a differently packaged system depend on the lens being used and change in proportion to workspace dimensions. Therefore, for example, if the marking area is 250*250 mm, then the speed will be 2.5 times higher, which would make it more than 20 000 mm per second, and the accuracy of the job will be 6,3 µm.


Software package:
Type of the input images: vector, raster, bar-code
Vector laser engraving:
Vector laser engraving

Video of the vector engraving with our laser: ▶ 1   ▶ 2   ▶ 3
Raster laser engraving:
Raster engraving

Video of the raster engraving with our laser: ▶ 1   ▶ 2
Text, graphic image, automatic numeration:
Laser marking of text and graphics

Video of text and graphic engraving:
▶ 1   ▶ 2
Engraving of rotating products:

гравировка колец

Video of the engraving of rotating products:
▶ 1   ▶ 2

Character size:

from 0,25mm
Automatic change of the information:

automatic change of number and series for the product marked, marking of the current time and date

Support of additional options:

rotating devices, automatic vertical axis, portal systems for expansion of the marking area, sets for marking of roll materials and products moving on the conveyer, robotic sets


using the PC with the installed SinMark software package (Windows, USB interface)





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Customers' reviews

- MiniMarker F-10 consumes very little power and is compact and reliable.

- MiniMarker 2 is optimal for engraving textual, digital and graphic information

- The Usage of MiniMarker 2 reduced labor content and shortened the cycle of produce manufacturing

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News and events:

Come visit us at LASER World of Photonics 2017

Fiber Laser MiniMarker 2 in the Robert Bosch Saratov factory, included into the technological line for marking products.

Video: Laser engraving of the Olympic torch for Sochi 2014.

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