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Minimarker 2 - is a universal laser equipment. It is used in various fields of industrial production, advertising and gift business, the jewelry industry and specialized tasks in the research and production activities.


Ornate engraving
  • laser engraving of the souvenirs and gifts;
  • color laser marking and engraving;
  • decorative engraving of the jewelry;
  • engraving of the body and the keyboard of the laptop, USB flesh-cards; of phones,
  • making of nameplates and stickers;
  • engraving of commemorative, personalized and congratulatory inscriptions.
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Industrial marking
  • identification of industrial product
  • engraving the information with a laser on the control panels and cases of the electrical and technical equipment,
  • engraving information on industrial nameplates made of metal and plastic with a las,
  • engraving of bar-codes, QR-codes and other one-dimensional and two-dimensional codes,
  • responsible marking of the products, which are exposed to influence of aggressive environments during exploitation,
  • laser marking (engraving) of scales, measuring instruments,
  • laser marking of electric components,
  • making of the stickers, including warranty tags using laser marking and cutting of the outline,
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Special practices
  • 3D laser engraving,
  • manufacturing unique souvenir products and jewelry,
  • covering removal,
  • creating keys with micro-light,
  • the images on different products with covering,
  • thermal influence engraving, colored laser engraving,
  • precision cutting of thin metals,
  • broaching (perforation),
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News and events:

Come visit us at LASER World of Photonics 2017

Fiber Laser MiniMarker 2 in the Robert Bosch Saratov factory, included into the technological line for marking products.

Russia Arms Expo 2013 - the 9th international weaponry, military hardware and ammo exhibition.

Video: Laser engraving of the Olympic torch for Sochi 2014.

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